Emoji Customer Engagement Services.
Trackoji Business.
You say what digital tools you own and what you are striving for. We come up, develop and launch unique emoji-activations for engaging the audience and collecting feedback.
Emotional reaction
Data and analytics
Involvement in a product or service
Emotional affection
Reactions with a minus sign
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Products & Services Trackoji For Business
Brand Emojis. The design of unique emoticons for your brand.
Give a brand identity and open the way to a lot of original and different activations.
Pop-ups, promo-actions, contests, mechanics in social media and via SMS.
Launch audience engaging mechanics and focus attention.
Embedding in CMS, listings, product cards and system tags.
Collect the opinion of the audience about your products using emoji-rating. Integrate emoticons into listings, product cards and any other pages on the site. The detailed statistics and cognitive insights from our experts.
Tracking user emotions in real time.
Be aware of the emotions of your users all the way that they pass using your product or service. Choose between an emoji widget or a face recognition system.
Touch devices. For the state and business.
Conduct a poll using emoji on your touch devices in public spaces. Shopping centers, streets and government offices.
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